One of the most beautiful sights I witnessed that week was the view from deep playa back towards the Temple of Transition. It’s difficult to judge the distance one has traveled without some sort of visual reference, so when I turned and looked back the way I’d come it struck me just how vast the city really is. That was the first realization I had. The enormity of my journey come to fruition here, in this place, after many many years of chance, circumstance, and opportunity aligning perfectly to produce this moment.

As I reflected on this I noticed the tracks crisscrossing the dust in every direction. Tens of thousands of them, as far as the eye could see. Out away from the city proper the ground is dry and cracked, showing traces of every footprint and bicycle tire. There is no loose dust to cover the marks and everyone’s path is laid out before you like a map of their time in this place. Choices, decisions, one goes this way, one goes that. Each path no worse or better than another. Simply different. All of these paths intersecting in space, but not in time. Reminds me of the Book we just visited. A crossroads to leave your mark on the world. Say something to those you will never cross paths with at the same moment in time.

"Your choices are half chance, but so are everybody else’s."

All you can really do is choose, and accept your choices. But you do have to make choices. That part’s not optional. Be mindful of them, because every choice makes ripples in life. Listen to your heart and the waves you make will always ring true.